Do Your Laundry

This is your weekly reminder to do your laundry.

I am writing this blog post as I sit face-to-face with my own laundry bin, piled high with two (okay maybe three) weeks worth of macaroni-and-cheese stained clothes. Not only does this mountain of clothes provide me with the insight needed to convince me to diversify my food choices but it’s also indicative of a severe deficit of self-care that happens when life gets real busy.

If you – like me – are currently in university, then this month is classified by most as “hell-month”. Papers are due, midterms are written, and your sanity is being held together by thin, coffee-drenched threads. But even if you’re not currently being buried in a mountain of assignments, sometimes life gets too hectic to be able to get everything done and still be an actual human being.

For me, my lack of self-care comes in the form of Ramen dinners, unworn running shoes and an ever-growing pile of dirty clothes. I get lost in a habitual whirlwind of papers and meetings and extra-curriculars that I totally neglect the things that make me happy – healthy food, exercise and cleaning (I know that’s a weird hobby but I really do like cleaning things).

The irony of the situation is that I perform better in all aspects of my life – the aspects that I’m throwing myself into – when I take the time to care for myself.

Endorphins are my secret weapon to slaying life (complete side note – I tried to find a synonym to ‘slaying’ because I don’t like sounding like a BuzzFeed article, but the only words I came up with were “butchering” and “killing”. Wow, I love slang. Sorry for that extreme topic deviation. Welcome to my brain). Protein and vitamins are the driving forces behind a fully functional and alert brain. And an uncluttered room is an environment conducive to an uncluttered mind.

We must all take time to remember to do the things we love, no matter how busy we may be. Your paper can be written in two hours instead of three. Use that extra hour to recharge yourself by doing something you enjoy. You can memorize all the conditions of supply and demand for your econ exam while you eat your well-balanced dinner. And you can get through all the readings outlined in your syllabus that you were supposed to read throughout the semester while you wait for your laundry to come out of the machine.

So breathe. Take a break. Do something enjoyable and vow that from now on, you’re a once a week laundry doer.

xoxo, J

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