Nineteen Things I’ve Learned By Nineteen

Recently, I have become a much more introspective, reflective person. Perhaps it is my ample free time or came with my ripening age, but, I find myself amalgamating all of my life experience into catchy slogans that you would see printed on a Forever21 graphic tee or written in a self-help book you would find in the back shelves of Indigo.  “Smile More, Worry Less.”, “Everything Happens for a Reason”. Although I will not be publishing a book anytime soon, or be getting hired by Forever21, this blog has become a good place for me to share my new-found wisdom and outlook on life to whoever decides to click on my posts. For that reason, I have decided to publish the nineteen most important lessons I have learned by nineteen, to remind myself of the important things and, hopefully, to spread some Jordyn-ism to the rest of the world:

1.Money spent on lattes is worth it for how they make your soul feel.


2. Working out will always make you happier. Scientifically. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.

3. Everything happens for a reason. This is the most cliche of cliches, but is a concept with which I have come to wholeheartedly agree this past year. I truly believe that every bad thing (or good thing) eventually leads to an unexpected, amazing outcome.

4. The feeling of receiving a good mark on your assignment or exam is way more rewarding than the time you would have spent watching Netflix or going out.


5. Say yes to more things. Nothing good comes out of saying no.

6. Embrace all the things that make you weird. You’ll find your people when you are unapologetically yourself.

7. Eat what you want, but know that eating that pile of oil/sugar will not make you feel as good as you think it will (except for maybe ice-cream. but ice-cream calories don’t count. Don’t argue with that. It’s science… I think). Same with carrots. You hate carrots yet you always eat them… stop eating carrots.


8. Don’t exert your energy into things you are not passionate about. Don’t just do something because you feel like you have to – it will detract from the efforts you put into other areas of your life.

9. Admit when you’re wrong. And remain adamant when you know you’re right.

10. Driving with all your windows down and music blasting will bring you instant happiness.

11. Fake confidence and real confidence appear identical to the outside world. Basically, fake it till you make it.

12. You are allowed to change and evolve. Never put yourself in a stagnant box. Always be looking for ways to grow and learn from others.

13.Save your money for traveling. It is SO worth it. But also buy those shoes you want.


14. Be empathetic towards others and remember how far a smile or a ‘hello’ can go. Plus, complimenting strangers is the best feeling.

15. Post whatever you want, whenever you want. Forget Instagram rules and use your own social media feeds in a way that makes you happy.

16. Take a step back from your life and reflect on how incredibly lucky you are for the most simple things. Your health, your family, your opportunities, your safety.

17.Give your time to something or someone without expecting anything in return. This will be the most rewarding thing you do.


18. It’s okay to wear the same outfit multiple times in a week if it makes you feel good (just maybe wash it a little more often).

19. Slow down. Nineteen is only the beginning of the rest of your life. Live every day without regret – even if that means spending an entire day in bed eating nothing but ice cream.





16 Replies to “Nineteen Things I’ve Learned By Nineteen”

  1. I love this article, although I am a pretty happy person and some days my husband could be in danger (just kidding) but when you have one you may consider your options. Great work

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  2. I would recommend saying no to many things, actually, especially if you do not want to do something or do nor feel that this things is right for you now)


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