Kim Kardashian: The reasons she is great and doesn’t deserve the amount of hate she receives

Kim Kardashian West. Aliases include: selfie queen, the wife of Pablo, KiKi, and the woman who single handily ruined Taylor (snake) Swift’s career (too extreme? Sorry you can tell I have some serious bias. But it’s my blog and not the New York Times so bias is allowed. Sorry not so sorry).

I don’t know if it’s my millennial wiring or just my natural affinity for fake-tanned reality tv stars but, I am unapologetically obsessed with Kim Kardashian West.

I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes and assuming that I am a narrow-minded, narcissistic, air head who says such sentences as “Kim Kardashian is the ultimate feminist icon” and “Kylie is, like, so the most influential, role model of this century” while I sip a soy, chai latte and snapchat pictures of my new Uggs.  But no, you have me all wrong. Ok, maybe you just have me a little bit wrong (what? Uggs are really comfortable!). But let me explain myself in a post I wish to entitle– Kim Kardashian: The reasons she is great and doesn’t deserve the amount of hate she receives. 


Kim Kardashian first appeared on our screens in the 2000s as Paris Hilton’s stylist (I use screens loosely because Paris Hilton was famous during the time of Motorola razors and the iBook Clamshell). Kim’s launch to stardom happened in 2007 when her sex tape with Ray J, singer of such masterpieces as “I Hit It First”, got leaked to the world. This brings me to the first reason why Kim is the best. After having this incredibly private moment shared with the entire world, Kim didn’t move to a remote island and shut herself away from the gross people who insisted on profiting from demeaning her. No way. Instead, she used the $5 million she received in the lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment to launch Keeping Up with the Kardashians – aka the best thing about Sunday nights – subsequently creating the empire of the Kardashians and introducing new words into our daily lexicon such as “bible” and “momager”.

Now some people claim that Ms. Kardashian West has no discernible talent that warrants her gigantic success and fame. But to this, I say: “Dear girl-with-glasses-sipping-kombucha-using-a-flip-phone(wake up Sheeple!)-who-thinks-she’s-too-intellectual-for-Kim-K, her talent is that she doesn’t need one”. Yup, that’s right. Kim has been able to garner a huge social media following (101mil insta followers), to convince people to buy a 448-page book of her selfies and sold out her entire makeup collection in a little over an hour. And really, it’s impossible to say that convincing everyone latex is a suitable material for dresses isn’t a talent.
Another reason Kim is the best (objective fact and totally suitable use of the word) is her unapologetic self-love. In today’s age of social media and photo-shopped perfection, many woman struggle with body image issues and low self-esteem. Couple these unrealistic beauty standards with society’s overbearing dictation of what it means to be a woman, and you end up with many women – myself included – feeling trapped between hating their imperfections while simultaneously battling societies notion that to love yourself is to be narcissistic. Kim Kardashian, though admittedly a part of social media perfection, doesn’t succumb to the pressures of how a woman should portray themselves online. She unapologetically loves herself and wants the world to know that she feels bomb and that she sometimes wants to wear nothing but two black bars.
And finally, if my short post didn’t convince you of Kim Kardashian’s justified relevance in society, just remember that you can thank her for making North and Saint West – i.e. the two cutest babies on earth (again a totally objective, non-disputable fact).
Xoxo – J

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